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My lovely 3.5 grand pc (which as you recall i moaned about a while ago and had to return to the manufacturer...) just randomly displayed a blank, black screen. and upon rebooting, preceded to trip out my entire house's electicity. now that is annoying enough, but on top of that, when turning everything back on I discover that the new pc is completley dead, the psu is shot AND, on top of that, its also fucked another of my pcs worth about a grand which wont boot either. so i'm not particularly happy atm. So if any of you work for the manufacturer of my pc... i suggest calling in sick tomorrow.

edit: well on the up side... all it did to the other pc is blow the fuse. but the 3 grand machine itself is still screwed... looks like another month at the manufactureres then... purchased 2 months ago... been working for... 9 hours.
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