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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Yeah well, anyone who judges Keira solely on BILB, Love Actually and Pirates is being more than a little harsh...

Stage presence is something you can't teach...whilst she DOES need to tone it down (like there was an article which says the key difference between Scarlett and Keira is not so much the ability to act, but the ability to seem like you're not acting...) but sheesh.

She hasn't been challenged in any of her roles in the big movies yet...maybe people should actually watch her independent stuff and judge her on that. Oh, and what's all this "Home counties" crap...she's from the same county that Hounslow is in...heck Tedders is only about, what, half an hour or so from Hounslow by car? Sheesh.

It's a rare voice though, and it's just the fact that someone in the press has to seem "clever" and go against the grain just for the heck of it...

yeah I thought the article sucked to. I mean when i first read this article i was thinking "oh gee another opinionated BS article not to be taken seriously" then when I clicked on this link, began to read this article and I was wrong. I was thinking "why god. why did I waste minutes from my life,( that i will never get back) and read this pile of dog crap" I mean good god.

I agree with Hazzle 100 percent. judge Keira on two only TWO major roles, is not only a little thin, but it just screams of ignorance. I mean yeah this person maybe shuld check out her indie stuff and judge it from that. cause I thought her acting in her independent films were pretty impressive.

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