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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
Leave the poor girl alone. Not posting a picture is hardly a crime, or I would have been banned from KKW years ago.
Err...que? I was being nice. Had nothing to do with getting the poor girl to post a picture, was simply saying I didn't see what there was to be shy about and how I've never understood why pretty people (including yourself) are so shy. As for your lack of pictures I know full well how shy you are...and I'd say the exact same to you that I did to her. Excuse me for trying to be reassuring and whatnot.

PD: I wasn't pissed. Was simply saying that I don't understand why a pretty girl (and by the sounds of things you are) with a bucketload of intelligence, wit and personality to go along with it, would feel so shy and insecure. But then, I don't know you, so I'm sure you have your reasons. They're probably irrational, just like all insecurities are, but speaking as someone who (believe it or not!) is actually quite insecure, I know that the fact they're irrational doesn't exactly help.

Think I should just stick to being a cunt.
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