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Here's my mum's wonder recipe to crack the fever and make you feel better:

In a (big) mug, mix:

- the juice of one orange (feel free to add a bit more orange juice instead of wine)
- top it up with red wine
- a few smashed juniper berries (you can use 2 or 3 cloves if there are none of those available, like in Australia, but don't smash them) - you want to smash them enough so the smell gets stronger, but not so much that they fall apart
- a bit of honey

Heat this up in the microwave, but make sure that it doesn't boil (you want the alcohol). Drink it while it's hot.

You'll start feeling really, really hot, but once that subsides you should feel a lot better.

Now, what I came for: my bit of unhappiness. I just want to say, damn, growing up is tough.
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