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Reformation > Agincourt.

Firstly, Henry VI squandered all the benefits of his father's work because of his sheer ineptitude. For failing to ensure his heir was up to the task, Henry V must take the blame. That's a key part of any monarch's role. And anyway, it was unrealstic as there was no way in hell England could retain its foothold in France. If anything Agincourt created more problems than it solved.

Secondly Henry VIII challenged the might of France and Spain combined, as well as the bloody HRE. And lived to tell the tale. When you consider the fact he also sired Elizabeth I, another great monarch, he did pretty damn well.

Thirdly Henry VII kicked both their arses as he managed to use his intellect to avoid war, build up his coffers to turn England from a lightweight in Europe to a middle weight. Henry VIII would never have been able to butt heads with the European elite without the money his father left him.

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