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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
hmm....really can't say. I think this is the thinnest we might have seen her, but I'm still hesitant about joining the "Feed Keira" campaign. I know very skinny people, who are perfectly healthy and yet their ribcages show.

So I'll be "hmmm" about this and hopefully time will tell.
I wouldn't say it's just her size. I was hesitant for a long time to join the food issues bandwagon as well, but she does not look healthy. I didn't say she's anorexic or anything, it might be a medical problem, but one thing is painfully obvious: that girl's not getting the nutrients she needs.

In addition to being skinny beyond belief, there is no sparkle in her eye, no smile on her face... She radiates unhappiness. And sure, I know she by now hates the paparazzi, but have we seen pictures where she smiles like this lately? She's not even really smiling there, but she just looks so much more upbeat. I miss happy Keira
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