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Eh, I may have been raised to think that marriage is a religious institution, which I do believe it is. I don't a contractual obligation between two people to love, honor, and cherish each other as anything that developed from a primitive standpoint; it had to be built on the idea that one man and one woman must bind themselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically together.

Marriage is not a social contract of any sort, and it rather developed from religion. Primitive man had the alpha male, and he procreated however he wished. Marriage demands the loyalty and fidelity of one man to one woman, and vice-versa. The concept of the one man-one woman union is a very religious idea. If it's a contract, then it's a contract steeped in very religious connotation.

As for the legalization of gay marriage, it doesn't really help nor hinder the improvement of the family unit. Family issues is a whole other topic, and it relies on the ability for the parental units to be responsible parents. Gay or heterosexual, parents will be parents - whether good or bad.
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