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Originally Posted by KeirazBabe
Exactly.. if not anything the legalistaion of marriage for gays will lead to more families therefore more children being adpted.. think of the poor lonely children.. and GRAT examples of gay fathers are Barry & Tony Drewitt Barlow who have twins and a third child (identical to the male twin just 1 year and a half difference)... all three biologically belong to the dads..v up on them love them! hehe
I have an issue with them...they had surrogate twins, a boy and a girl - they had agreed all the boys have one of the Father's, and the girls the other. Trouble is the boy had an identical twin. And they didn't want that, so froze his identical twin and had him later. Now, Aspen (aged 4) has a nineteen month old brother (Orlando) who is identical to him.

I don't disagree with gay people having children at all, but the identical twin part of the story is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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