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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Quite. Glad you admit it

You've yet to produce any reasoned positions, and thus a reasoned response seems pointless. Homosexual relationships do not harm the reproductive process, because if they were forced to desist they just wouldn't have how would that aid the reproductive process? Thank wouldn't. Oh...and let's not forget gay couples can have children and aid the reproductive process, so if anything recognising gay marriages and their right to have children would be good, as it'd encourage them to have children they wouldn't have had otherwise (simply as they wouldn't want to sleep with a member of the opposite sex).
Exactly.. if not anything the legalistaion of marriage for gays will lead to more families therefore more children being adpted.. think of the poor lonely children.. and GRAT examples of gay fathers are Barry & Tony Drewitt Barlow who have twins and a third child (identical to the male twin just 1 year and a half difference)... all three biologically belong to the dads..v up on them love them! hehe

And so Ducky loses the moral high ground. Shame that. Her insults were at least targetted at your arguments, and how stupid they were, yours are just targetted at her.
Yer.. was uncalled for *wipes tear*.

Ooooh...where to begin. Well you're a hopeless wannabe homophobe probably hiding your own homosexual leanings (I caught the way you looked at me at Heathrow...sorry mate, don't swing that way ). As for the whole "If you truly believed that you wouldn't argue back" bullshit...clever, bur hardly original. If you genuinely believed you were right you'd leave the arguments to stand for themselves, no? You're simply desperate to appear a homophobe, probably because you're afraid to admit what you feel...just come out of the closet, eh mate? Be better for you.
Ahh i see what it is now Haz sweety.. its coz being around me so long i have infact caused mr.ducky duck here to question his own sexuality.. thus repressing it and shoving all his homophpbia on me.. dont worry ducky.. its ok to be confused teee hee.

Me wading in had nothing to do with fighting her "side"...I stood up for what's're just wrong...accept it.
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