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Originally Posted by duckula
O no, Haz has called it. I am defeated. My intellect lies beaten and broken on the field of battle.
Quite. Glad you admit it

You have provided no reasoned responses to my positions and have instead swathed yourself in spin and bluster. Please try harder.
You've yet to produce any reasoned positions, and thus a reasoned response seems pointless. Homosexual relationships do not harm the reproductive process, because if they were forced to desist they just wouldn't have how would that aid the reproductive process? Thank wouldn't. Oh...and let's not forget gay couples can have children and aid the reproductive process, so if anything recognising gay marriages and their right to have children would be good, as it'd encourage them to have children they wouldn't have had otherwise (simply as they wouldn't want to sleep with a member of the opposite sex).

I don't believe my comments were personal.
Well you're wrong...personal relates to any insult that impacts on someone's person or their personal life...personal simply means "of the person".

But this is, KB, you are a twitchy little dyke who gets over excited and loses all reason.
And so Ducky loses the moral high ground. Shame that. Her insults were at least targetted at your arguments, and how stupid they were, yours are just targetted at her.

You are a hopeless banner waver who refuses to admit to herself that herself that her lifestyle is immoral and offensive. If you truely believed that homosexual relations were morally acceptable you wouldn't be so touchy about it. Your desperate rebuttals smack of someone who doesn't believe in their position in their heart of hearts despite wishing they did.
Ooooh...where to begin. Well you're a hopeless wannabe homophobe probably hiding your own homosexual leanings (I caught the way you looked at me at Heathrow...sorry mate, don't swing that way ). As for the whole "If you truly believed that you wouldn't argue back" bullshit...clever, bur hardly original. If you genuinely believed you were right you'd leave the arguments to stand for themselves, no? You're simply desperate to appear a homophobe, probably because you're afraid to admit what you feel...just come out of the closet, eh mate? Be better for you.

Finally, relying on a man to fight your side is just a demonstration of your weakness.
Me wading in had nothing to do with fighting her "side"...I stood up for what's're just wrong...accept it.
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