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Originally Posted by Liam View Post
I'm on the anyone-but-Obama bandwagon.
So am I. Heard his speech the other day comparing the Virginia Tech massacres to Imus' statements and to outsourcing of US jobs abroad?

Fucking joke. Only someone stupider than Bush would say something like that. In fact the guy generally shows a complete lack of intelligence so staggering it makes Bush look like a fucking Mastermind.

However I've hated the Clinton campaign from the start, so I suppose I'm not "anyone-but-Obama". Clinton's almost as offensive a candidate as Obama. Christ, do the Democrats have to suck this badly? Both Democrat front-runners are a pair of cunting cunts. Clinton will do anything to get elected and Obama's hardly much better. Electioneering cunts.

McCain or Giuliani would be sound. I prefer Giuliani, personally, but McCain's always been the sort of guy I think would make a good president. Partisan politics is responsible for so much crap in the US that could be avoided with a good moderate politician in the White House.
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