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Sweetness..lil warning..don't ever try to mess with my feelings upon my sexuality as it will only result in me having to turn up at yours and smacking you round the face.. with my rainbow pride hang bag lol.. plus a horde of gay men..bitchy ones at that.. scurred? should be

"you are a twitchy little dyke who gets over excited and loses all reason." exxccuusee you me *stands with hands on hips" and the award for getting his eyebrows shaved off and snuffed up his own nostrils goes to... haha.. *claps* i give you... your foot in your mouth! ok first- 'twitchy'? what do you mean by that? 'little' yesch im pretty short.. 'dyke'- prefer term lesbian...'over excited' at what? 'loses all reason' why thankies for thinking i had ne reason to begin with

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