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John Mccain, who I actually like a little. He's been called
the Democrat of the Republican party. But his age and
position on the war will will keep him from winning.

I like him alright, but your assessment is right on the money. He won't win because of the issues you raised.

Rudy Gulliani, Who I hate. And In Republican family
morality party, He's been divorced twice and is
pro choice and supports gay people.

I don't understand why you hate Giuliani. As you stated, he's pro-choice, he's supported gay rights (when other New York pols avoided the issue) and sued gun manufacturers on behalf of New York City. And, he's not afraid to dress in drag.
Is it because he cleaned up Times Square?

Mitt Romney, He's been Pro choice and
supported gay people most of his career
(but has changed his position as of late).
He is a Mormon, so he could have more than
one wife in the White House

I don't really know much about this guy, but his name is Mitt and I'm not a baseball fan.

Fred Thompson, He's acting in Law and Order right now. nuff said

Fred's a pretty good guy and despite spending a fair amount of time in Hollywood, seems to have a lot of common sense. Not sure how well he'd do in a national election though. He sounds presidential.

Newt Gringrich, Who I really hate, While Clinton was
getting a BJ and showing us a good use for cigars.
He had his own filthy sex romp going on. Cheating
on your wife is one thing but cheating with a women
with a face of a mule is another. And he's been divorced.

Newt's a smart guy who really knows history. He's also a fucking prick. He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

Lets talk democrats

Hillary Clinton, I do like her but half the country hates
her with a passion and I don't think this country is
ready for a women President.

Political weathervane. Hillary will say pretty much anything to get herself elected.

Barack Obama, I like him too but with only two years
experience in the senate and being the first real black
candidate, not much of a chance. It makes me sad
to say that I don't think America is ready for him.

Good with the soundbyte, but I don't really know enough about him. He hasn't been in the political landscape long enough.

John Edwards, he's a one term senator and an ex trial lawyer.

Three words say it all...ex trial lawyer. Sorry, but guys like Edwards are the reason insurance is so expensive and our legal system has been turned into some kind of fucking lottery.

I'd vote for Joe Lieberman over all of them.
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