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Please ignore's his time of the month...methinks Megs got him good (and sorry mate, it was you who began with the personal insults by insulting all homosexual people.). OWNED mate.

EDIT:Although one little sex doesn't further the development of the human race? It's unnecessary to procreation and thus is without merit? What about female orgasms then, as they're hardly necessary to the reproductive function of sex, are they? They bring sex "down" back into the realms of lust. Are they thus also "wrong"?

Originally Posted by DragonRat
Are gay marriages wrong? In my honest opinion, yes, they are. Personally, as a Christian, I find it immoral and distasteful, to see two men or two women wed each other in a house of God, when they know perfectly well they are doing something that has been specifically written as disdainful in God's eyes. I agree with what the Republicans believe (but dislike what they have done), as a 'marriage' is defined as the union between man and woman; that is what marriage is, and has always been. (Survival of culture and mankind cannot last without that specific denotation.) Personally, if they wish to have the same legal rights - and pay the same marriage tax - as everyone else, then go to a justice of the peace and wed into a legal union.
That's all a marriage is. All this getting married in the house of God...who says they bloody want to? Most gay people spit on religion as it frowns on their behaviour, but marriage IS a bloody legal union...if you want a seperate religious "union" you can have one...and that can be open only to straight people but marriage is a PURELY legal right and a PURELY legal entity. I'm sick and tired of fucking religious zealots stealing the word "marriage" and turning it into something it's's simply a contract between two people that wish to be together...if you don't like that, DEAL WITH IT. Marriage IS a legal union, NOT a religious one...maybe religion needs to accept that and come up with IT'S own "religious" union?

On a political standpoint, the Republican party is decidedly conservative, and they'll go along with anything Bush says. In that context, I am disgusted at the political actions that Congress has taken. I may have my own conflicting views on gay marriage, but that does not mean one side or the other should be absolute law. So, on political and religious standpoints, there are two different points of view. One cannot simply apply religious views to political views.
The reason you find yourself in that position is because religion has misdirected you to believe that marriage is religious. It's not. It's purely a contract. It's not your fault, you're just misinformed.

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