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Originally Posted by acliff
I think its because of my Korean upbringing. Everything is based on blood relationships. Family travels down through the eldest son, children look after parents after they've retired, parents do everything for their kids. This age old process and way of living would be crippled by such.
E.g. if the eldest son dies, the family dies with it. I've been Britishfied, but even so, I would never ever put my mum in a home. In my mind, adoption, and non same blood children is just not the same.
Outdated beliefs for a modern society I know, but its what I feel for the moment.
Ack thats fine darlin.. its patr of who you are.. but saying that my mum is homophobic..doesn't mean im going to follow her views..but her dad was a vicar- enough said lol. But then if family travels down through the eldest son.. it evidently doesnt apply to your sis.. i understand what you mean if the child is not blood related..but there are ways of the child stil being blood related so yar.. *blinks* end of that lol.

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