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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Back the hell up off unibrows!
Mine's not one of those troglodyte models, but I have a light dusting of brow in the middle. One time, when I was getting a haircut from a "guy in eyeliner", he hit me between the eyes with the clippers. Out of the blue. Shave first, ask questions later.
Needless to say I was mucho pissed.
He says, "you look like such a nicer person."
Sorry bucko...not only are you not getting a tip, but I'm not paying for this haircut.
The shape of my eyebrows don't work without the center "anchor".

I don't like a woman with a lot of make-up, so I have no idea why a guy would wear make-up. Plus, eyeliner, in my case, would be soooooo redundant. I have big, thick, luxurious lashes that have been the envy of every woman I have ever dated (or married).
Dude, uni brows are wack.

However big eyebrows are a simple of power. Which is why in Kung Fu films all these martial arts masters have huge jagged white eyebrows. I wants me two of those.
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