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Gay Marriage.... the changes in law that would allow this, I will leave to those who know/care more about the subject than I do.
Its not like gay marriage is depriving straight people of people to get married to. I'm pretty sure gay people know that they're gay far before they even consider getting married. Also, it would be distinctly wrong to repress people's feelings, and make gay people live a straight lifestyle, where they would be unhappy/uncomfortable for the rest of their lives.
I'm all for the freedom to express your feelings, having to hide them is a sad and terrible thing.

However, I think partially due to the way I was brought up (strict catholic, south korean effort ethic) I am somewhat uncomfortable with the idea.
For example, at work today, this incredibly obviously gay couple come into the sony centre, and I end up talking them through hifi cables. As people they were perfectly nice, and I was happy to talk to them, but one of them kept looking me up and down, which made me a bit disconcerted. When the guys left, I noticed that the guy who had been checking me out was wearing a bag which was given away free with cosmopolitan (as it had cosmopolitan written in pink on the back) and I couldn't help shudder slightly As yet, the media seem to be seeing gay couples as a curiosity, rather than just something that happens, which might be what was behind my subconcious.

Regardless of anything else though, I would go absolutely fucking mental, if my sister turned out to be gay. I don't know what I'd do. Of course I want her to be happy whatever, but I want nephews damnit!
:P seriously though, I would be terribly displeased. My mum would probably kill herself.
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