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Calm down dear, this is only a commercial.

On the point of me not helping advance the species: I am a strong, intelligent male who can safeguard the species and aid its develepoment through passing on my genes and providing technological advances (engineer).

Condoms shouldn't be banned as they protect the species from disease transmission. The pill also has varied uses such as the regulation and tempering of the female menstrual cycle. You see dear, these things are useful, unlike gay people.

On the matter of love: Lust isn't always involved in love, you forget the familial love, the platonic love and the love amongst comrades. Love is a demonstrable hormonal and pschological interaction between a man and a woman independent of pure lust (see: old people).

On the matter of sin: the majority of humanity views homosexual love as immoral, this is demonstrated by the fact that religions (most of them), class it as such.

Finally, on the personal attacks: do grow up, if you cannot take my well delivered argument in your stride and respond in kind then I suggest you refrain from posting.
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