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Originally Posted by duckula
It's not love, it's lust and ignorance.

It is immoral, the major world religions agree on this (moral's are about the only thing they are justified to hold positions on, but that's another thread).

It is unnatural. Sex in all it's glorious guises stem from the biological neccessity of procreation. Homosexual sex is in active opposition to the advance of the species.

Final point, I have grown up in this century and I hold educated and rationally thought out views. If you want to make your point you might want to consider acquiring some.
Oooh you crack me up me dears for a moment you almost had me convinced your a pig-headed-shallow-narrow-minded-ignorant-homophobic-twat. "Well they endorsed your parents having you, so why not gay marriage?"

"homosexuality is unnatural and immoral" Unnatural? Don't make me laff.. Coming from a freek of nature such as yourself...if we stuck to "natural" things you'd have been shot at birth darlin

Well then at the rate your going all condoms and pills should be banned and everyone should be procreating for the good of man-kind..."Homosexual sex is in active opposition to the advance of the species" Well so are you, but noone stopped your parents bringing your diseased mind into being.

"It's not love, it's lust and ignorance." What's love? Is it not the showing of affection to something or someone? People love their dogs, their cats, their cars...these are all types of looooove. In order for you to love normaly you lust over something and i dont quite get what we are being ignorant about darlin?

Pfftt dont get me started on religion.. i dont want to offend that many people... Christianity in particular is the most hypercritical religion going... (excluding the Roman Catholics) sex was traditionaly solely seen as means of procreation.. yet condoms are now allowed... abortion was seen as solely wrong.. yet now in certain cases it is allowed... orginialy you were not alowed to get divorced..remarry..have sex whilst on your period etc etc etc.. these havfe all changed so why stick to homosexuality as a sin?

I'll finish this laterz..

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