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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Yes, but she's right Brad. We are all pervs. However women couldn't function if we weren't. Women kill for a compliments and any compliment a man pays a woman, by its very nature, has pervy undertones.

"That top brings out your eyes" means "I can see your nipples through it"

"Those jeans look great on you" means "Is that your arse or did it come with them?"

"Is that a new skirt?" means "I keep forgetting how great your legs are".

"That's a nice outfit." means "It looks great on you but it would look even better on the bedroom floor".

"You look nice today" means "I'm horny and I want sex."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's an evolutionary instinct on our part.
That sums it up
nicely put
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