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Originally Posted by KeirazBabe
0_o Jaysus Christ Almighty! Firstly no way is it Nor is it immoral.. how can it be? It is only an act of love.. dont know where youve got your views from but they aren't correct and most certainly are narrow minded and ignorant. Please grow up in this century.

It's not love, it's lust and ignorance.

It is immoral, the major world religions agree on this (moral's are about the only thing they are justified to hold positions on, but that's another thread).

It is unnatural. Sex in all it's glorious guises stem from the biological neccessity of procreation. Homosexual sex is in active opposition to the advance of the species.

Final point, I have grown up in this century and I hold educated and rationally thought out views. If you want to make your point you might want to consider acquiring some.
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