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What the...

We have a happiness thread.
We have an un-happiness thread.
I got to thinking that it's high time we have a "What the fuck?!?!" thread.
A thread dedicated to things in your life that make you scratch your head and say "what the fuck?!?!"

I'll start...there's this woman at work, who we'll call Linda.
She is going to school part time to study computers, specifically database management. One would think that when her printer didn't print an invoice as it should, that she'd be 'leet' enough to go in and figure out the problem.
She's not. Instead, me, who knows fuck-all about computers, has to go out and fix the problem. Since we play musical printers around here, it was just printing to the wrong port. And this isn't some isolated incident. We go through this type of thing on a regular basis. Every time her printer gets a little of the rails, she acts like it's the end of the world and starts talking about the HP printers where she used to work not giving her any problems. And then I go to her desk, point and click a few times, and like some sort of ancient Druid magic, paper...with printing on it...appears from the innards of her printer.
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