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Well.. do i even need to answer? i think you all know what i'd say lmao.. but yesch deffinately gays should be allow to marry.. to think they arent is the most stoopidest thing ever.. just thank fark that FINALY changes are occuring with the lisence of marriage between same sex couples

I think a great role model for gays who continuously fights for quesality is Alan Cumming

Taken from his site->

San Francisco LGBT Pride 2004

Alan recently had the honor of serving as one of this year's Celebrity Grand Marshals for San Francisco Pride!

When he accepted the invitation, Alan said:
"I am delighted to be Grand Marshal at San Francisco LGBT Pride. I have always been proud of who I am, and I look forward to celebrating with other like-minded people, especially in this year when so many people in America seem to be realizing that we have every right to be proud, and to have the same entitlements as anyone else. Sexuality should never affect a citizen's rights, and any government that withholds benefits, privileges or rights for this reason should be ashamed and run out of office. I hope this year we will have more to celebrate than ever before, including the resounding failure of the constitutional amendment which seems to me a blatant attempt at persecution!”
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