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Originally Posted by Elijahfan
i think they deserve rights, sorta up to the church or the religion that the couple is part of whether if their marriage or union does not go against their religion. seriously it's all bull to me. not like normal male-female marriages are the best either. i think it's 52% that dont survive. plus the whole gay thing being bad is just stupid. practically since the beginning of civiliced man, there have been gays or bisexuals. everyone did it, romans, greeks, even great leaders like Alexander the great. it's told in storys, like the illiad.
Religion and marriage have NOTHING to do with each other...weddings are religious, if the couples want them to be, and the status of being in wedded union is religious, but the status of being in married union is SECULAR and purely legal and societal. zealots, look away now...

The funny thing is it's suspected that those who wrote the religious scriptures were ALL homosexual but probably in constant denial, hence the whole "it's a sin" thing. I mean perhaps there WAS a reason, as my Jewish mate said on his website, why Jesus hung out with 12 guys
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