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As strange as my time tramping around (or rather, vacationing with family) in Asia, I still have a chance of catching Euro 2004 games in the wee hours of the night. England, in my opinion, have looked the best team of the tournament (discounting the stoppage time against France), although the Czechs are no longer the dark horses we expect, and I expect them to beat the Germans.

France do not look like the powerhouses of the past six years, but their last win against the Swiss showed the better side, with Henry finally getting on the map. Of the games against the Swiss and Croatia, though, England have looked fantastic. Rooney, I must admit now, is the best player that you English have.

Portugal, in beating Spain, deserved to win. Spain still does not have the ability to beat past all their good players and get a real victory in the major tourneys. In a way, I always thought Greece could come away with an upset. They're not a brilliant side, but they're not an average team that anyone can dust off. (Still, Greece will be licking Henry's boots, and Rooney will probably score another brace against Portugal...)

The Czechs have already won Group D, and they've showed their class already against Holland, coming back from 2-0 to get three straight unanswered goals. If only Baros could be as effective for Liverpool as he is for his national side, heh. I probably see Holland getting in anyway before Germany, although Advocaat is a dolt, sticking with the old crew when you got van der Vaart, Sneijder, and Robben. All three of them are potential world-beaters, especially van der Vaart. Advocaat was stupid to play Seedorf ahead of Raphael against the Czechs.

Denmark and Sweden got through, and though their 2-2 draw was quite suspicious, Italy didn't deserve to get through anyway. Again, because Trap did not start Cassano ahead of Del Piero, he stuck with the old guard, when Del Piero's starting to lose his quickness, and Cassano and Totti already had a partnership in Roma. The Totti thing was a real loss, too, but he spat at a player, and that's not really cool. Anyway, the Scandinavians deserve to go through: Sweden's got a good-looking offense with an above-average midfield and a strong defense; Denmark's got an incredible defense and a decent front.

My prediction for the final: England 3, Czech Republic 2
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