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On the issue of coming out...
A friend of mine said she'd give me $50 if, when I came out, I hid in my cupboard and then "came out of the closet" tee hee hoddle har...Suffice to say I DIDN'T do that. Specially when she added that for every day I waited a dollar would be taken off...
My experience of "coming out" was, from what I've heard of other people's, fairly run-of-the-mill:
I'd been dating my gf for about 4 weeks, and my parent scouldn't HELP but notice the number of times I could be found on the phone to her and going to her house and stuff, since as far as they knew I'd never been friends with her BEFORE...
First they asked if I was doing drugs, so when I told them we were just dating it was a relief haha.
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