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To answer my own question (wierd, who would have thought...), I've been told I have high standards, but I don't think so. Physically, it varies. I have preferences of course, but I could like one thing on one person, and not like it on another person. Eyes and smile are most important to me. As for personality, it gets a little more complicated, though [of course] I'm not completely, 100% set on anything. Confidence is a huge deal for me. I want someone who is going to be confident and secure with himself [and me], but won't limit himself either; realistic, but capable of dreaming. And just as important, someone who will keep me grounded, yet doesn't kill my dreams and goals (no matter how unrealistic they happen to be). Someone who doesn't mind spending an evening at home - watching TV or a movie, ordering pizza or chinese; just hanging out - but would also be up for things like going camping for a weekend in Lake Tahoe or driving to Disneyland at the spur of the moment (that's also important....he can't think he's too good for Disneyland ) Someone who understands me: like if a book or movie makes me cry (which is quite often), don't tease me about it, just understand, and if I'm pissed off, don't do stupid things to piss me off even more. Also, someone who goes out of their way to do the simple things that are really nice. I used to stay at my ex boyfriend's house a lot, and when we would leave for school on cold mornings, he would go out to the car first and turn the heater on. That's sweet. And someone who argues back. Don't just take it, argue with me! 1) It's sexy, and 2) I won't feel so bad afterwards. Anyways, that's part of my list, I think I could go on an on. In conclusion, someone who makes me happy, is comfortable with himself and with me, and doesn't have to put too much effort in to have a good time.
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