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Is 300 good? I'm a history dork, so it appeals to that part of me. However, I'm also a real stickler for historical accuracy, so I'm not sure I'll like it from that perspective. In the trailers I've seen, it seems that they do a lot of jumping around while fighting. That flies completely in the face of the Spartan phalanx, which is precisely what allowed them to inflict such heavy losses on the Persians, while not being exactly 'cinematic'.
I guess I'll just have to go see it.

As for the movie I've seen...Dr. Doolittle.
Saw it with Taylor in the hotel this weekend. It made me throw up in my mouth a little. Twice. What a horrible film. But, it's a re-affirming film. How so? As an aspiring film writer, if something with this many obvious plot holes and bad dialogue can be produced, surely something I write can.
It was made in 1998, and features a pre-stardom Paul Giamatti as a bumbling rival of Eddie Murphy's character. Certainly a far cry from Sideways or Cinderella Man.
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