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Portman's lap dance scene in Closer is the sexiest thing ever put on film....
It's just perfect.

Flags Of Our Fathers....

Explores the aftermath of the battle for Iwa Jima during World War II.

Well made, and interesting...although I can't help but feel as though Clint Eastwood is just trying to match what Speilberg did with Saving Private Ryan. Additionally, this movie features Barry Pepper, who once upon a time starred in John Travolta's Battlefield Earth, one of the worst movies ever made. I actually HAVE Barry Pepper's autograph, on an ultra-rare Battlefield Earth trading card. See, when that movie came out, they thought it would be a hit, and so trading cards on the film were released. Well, the film bombed, and a few months later, I stumbled across a large box of Battlefield Earth trading cards for sale at a local gas station. Marked down, they were, like, five bucks for 50 packs. So, I bought 'em...and lo and behold, among the packs was a (very) limited edition, personally-autographed, picture of Barry Pepper. I wonder how much it's worth....

Ahem. Anyway, Flags Of Our Fathers was pretty decent.

4 out of 5.

Saw 3....

Another Saw movie. They're like fast food -- certainly not good in any meaningful way, but they get the job done. I found it entertaining enough, although I wouldn't want to watch it again.

2 out of 5.
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