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Freddy Vs. Jason.....

A TERRIBLE piece of crap. I mean, I know that movies like this are not intended to be high art...but GODDAMN! Absolutely awful on every level. Bad acting, bad screenplay, bad editing....BLAH.

The Friday the 13th movies are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I wish New Line had at least made sure that their crossover with the equally popular Nightmare on Elmstreet series would be handled well. I mean, AT LEAST make them exciting!

Nope. This movie blows in every way.

1 out of 5.

Drugstore Cowboy....

Matt Dillon is a junkie who robs drug stores to support his habit. Eventually, he decides to clean up...with depressing results.

A pretty good drug movie that marks the real introduction of Gus Van Zant as an American film icon...but really nothing too groundbreaking other than that. I liked it, but wouldn't really bother to watch it again.

3 out of 5.
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