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Apparently I'm the only one watching movies.
Watched Star Wars - Episode IV with Taylor over the weekend. It was the first time she had seen the movie.

Watched The Dreamers last night. Interesting film about an American film buff and the French brother and sister he befriends in Paris during the late 1960s. Their father is a famous poet, and they live a very bourgeois life. Theo, the brother, searches for an identity opposite his father, and surrounds himself with pictures and statues of Mao. Matthew, the American, calls into question whether or not he really understands what is happening in Red China. It is apparent that he doesn't, and he winds up getting involved in a street demonstration involving red flags with the yellow hammer and sickle and Molotov cocktails.
All this is set against the erotic backdrop of the relationship, which borders on incestuous, between Isabelle and Theo. Isabelle spends a good deal of the film either nude, or in a gauzy, see through gown. Eva Green plays Isabelle, so it gets two thumbs up just for that.
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