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Audrey Hepburn was just about adorable in everything she ever did. And I've seen nearly all of her pictures. I don't think I can trust a man who doesn't care for her.

I watched the extended editions of the first two Lord of the Rings. I think the best way to express my opinion without sounding idiotic would be to say I simply did not care for it. I wanted to but it just didn't happen. I was unimpressed. They're good films, but severely overrated.

Something really bugs me though. Is it just me or does much of its box-office success lie with its HUGE fan base and the breathtaking effects? I mean, the battle sequences alone are visually impressive. No doubt about that. And one would think with all the success and critical praise these films have gathered over the past five or so years we would be in that rare territory we call brilliant filmmaking, right?... I wouldn't put these movies anywhere on my list of top 100. I'll rent the third and final part later in the week. I'm in no hurry.

Contact (1997)

imdb synopsis:
Contact, based on the novel of the same name by Carl Sagan, is the story of a free thinking radio astronomer (Jodie Foster) who discovers an intelligent signal broadcast from deep space. She and her fellow scientists are able to decipher the Message and discover detailed instructions for building a mysterious Machine.

This movie has been in my VHS collection since, hell, I don't know, 1998, and I just got around to watching it. A great movie about and beyond belief -- kept me on the edge of my seat (or in my case, bed). Just go see it.
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