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Originally Posted by hasselbrad View Post
Davy Jones will become an ally of sorts in order to get his heart back.
Elizabeth will use her feminine charms to trick Norrington at some point.
It will be over-the-top on so many levels, some people will spontaneously combust in the theater.
It will make $100,000,000 over the first weekend of release.
Originally Posted by keira fan#1 View Post
1) I predict that Jack and Will's friendship will slowly be broken, because they both love Elizabeth.
2) Elizabeth will leave William for Jack because she wants to know what it's like to live on selfish impulse (to do what she wants to do when she wants it).
3) Elizabeth will use her feminine charm to trick Norrington in some way but it won't work because he's lost interest in her.
4) Jack and Davy Jones will have a sword fight in the middle of a storm.
5) Jack will meet his Dad in Davy Jones' locker.
6) Elizabeth will get captured by Soa Feng (somehow).
7) Davy Jones will attack the Impress (Soa Feng's ship).
8) The East India Trading Company will cause chaos with their control of Davy Jones.(obviously)
9) Everyone will have to choose sides in one last Decisive Battle, to determine if Piracy will reign upon them any longer.

Please tell me what you think about my predictions!!
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