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Quite a selection there, Richard....


Mike Judge (Office Space) battled with the studio over this one and lost -- Fox only released Idiocracy on DVD, and gave it virtually no promotion. Here's the deal:

An average guy (played by Luke Wilson) is frozen for 500 years. He wakes up, only to learn that, in the future, everyone is an idiot. In fact, everyone is SO dumb, that he's basically the smartest person on Earth. GREAT concept. Simply on that idea alone, I bet this movie could have made plenty of cash, but sadly, Idiocracy never saw the theaters.

When watching this film, one must accept that it's cheap as shit -- the movie relies heavily on some pretty crappy computer-generated special effects. If you can get beyond that, you may find it pretty funny. The idea that the human race is doomed because, to a large degree, only the dumbest among us are reproducing, is pretty amusing. I laughed a few times.

3 out of 5.
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