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Keira Knightley Wavefront - Latest News

Well as most of you can see, kkw is a bit of a mess, but all that is about to change very shortly, in the next 30-40 hours in fact if things go well for kkw admin. First some sad news, won’t be available to us, so we have registered instead, this will act as our primary domain and will feed the email addresses etc. is still ours, but it will be pointed to I hope all that makes sense, if not I will try and explain it a bit better later.

Also the Galleries are being uploaded as we speak, Oen is going to install the software tomorrow to make it all happen, then hopefully the old fan base will move back here. Remember; please tell everyone where we live now, although over the next 30-40 hours the domains will be a bit messed up as it all changes. The forum is the exception remember, it is separate from the site and is therefore never affected. If you have trouble accessing the site remember this address: if anything happens to the domains, this will always work.

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