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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Cue Haz saying 'I told you so'....
I'm actually sorry to hear about it...and no, not even I'd be so cruel as to say "I told you so"...especially as I never did. My approach has always been to give advice but respect the other person enough as an adult to make up their own minds and make their own decision.

Anyway...can't really say what's attractive...hmm. Physically...nothing really stands out. I mean for me beauty is the amalgamation of lots of things, y'know what makes one person beautiful may not suit another person. Eyes are important, physically, as for me they're a window into the soul, when people are trying to hide their true feelings their eyes often give it away. But yeah, other than that, I love all women, tall, short, long hair, short hair any colouring...doesn't really matter much to me.

I'm much more of a personality person, and even there it's hard to put my finger on specifics. Assertiveness is a must, an ability to argue back at me is essential otherwise it'd just be too boring . In addition if they're to argue with me they have to be very opinionated, I wouldn't say arrogant but opinionated for sure, stubborn and also some similar interests over which to argue.

Otherwise...a kind heart, genuine nature and basically every other "nice" personality trait that I lack would be good too as it'd make up for my lack . Positivity to negate my negativity...and basically anything else that I'm not. But above all else it's not specifics but that unknown quantity...the thing that makes them...THEM...y'know? You fall for the person, not traits.

Originally Posted by Pinkfairy
I've learned that there are several aspects that are important in a relationship. I'm still debating whether love is enough.
I'd say no, myself, relationship savant that I am, having had the grand total of zip relationships to date.

Originally Posted by Pinkfairy
I believe in looking for someone who I'm compatible with, but I don't believe in soulmates.
I don't believe in soulmates either. There isn't someone out there for me, of that I'm convinced, but meh...what can you do, eh? I think when you do find someone, you have to work hard at it, overcome the obstacles that stand in the way and of course love one another...but no two people are just destined to be gotta put something IN.
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