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The Stepford Wives....

This movie was interesting to me in that I think, one day, we will ALL be Stepford Wives -- drugged and microchipped into being what others view as the standard. Thanks to advances in science, and the natural human inclination to forcibly eliminate anything the majority views as harmful or counterproductive, freedom of choice will one day be phased out. Gradually, we will all become productive and healthy members of society, with forces beyond our control deciding how we feel, how we look, what we eat, what drugs we take, and so on and so on.

Technology is making it possible, and as it advances, we simply can't resist the urge to use it, allowing the process of eliminating humanity to continue for our own convenience (I miss the days when we simply worried that the future would bring nuclear holocaust).

This may not be what The Stepford Wives intends to address, but that's what the film got me thinking about. We all should know by now what this film is about, so I won't give a synopsis; but I will say that Nicole Kidman's nosejob was a major distraction for me. She would be quite beautiful without it.

Anyway, the film was a little too cartoony, but overall, I found it interesting. You rarely see a Hollywood production that's interesting in any way.

3 out of 5.
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