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Nurse Betty....

One of those rare movies that really has no obvious selling points, but simply relies on a good, creative story and skillful performances. Rene Zellweger plays Betty, a small town diner waitress with no hope or prospects in life. She's a simple, not-too-intelligent -- but GOOD -- person who has accepted a life without respect. One day, she witnesses the gruesome murder of her asshole husband (perpetrated by two hitmen played by Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman), and loses her mind. In shock due to the trauma of what she's seen, Betty is thrown into a fantasy world, in which she hunts down the star of her favorite soap opera (played by Greg Kinnear), believing that she's destined to marry him. The story gets much more complicated beyond that.

I never paid any attention to Rene Zellweger until I saw Nurse Betty; but she is excellent in this film, making us feel sympathy for her generally pathetic character. She charms, and makes us root for her. And the rest of the cast impresses, as well. There is remarkable chemistry between Rock and Freeman, and even Crispin Glover pops up, giving a typically weird performance.

This movie doesn't quite fit into any particular category, and it is certainly destined to be forgotten, but I liked it a lot. Just a really good story. That's not very common.

4 out of 5.
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