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Yes, technically, a double post, but we're talking new movies here....
(If any mod has a problem with this, let me know, and I won't do it again; but I don't see the point -- it's been DAYS since the last post.)

Twelve Angry Men....

A jury must decide a murder case on which a man's life hangs. At first, it seems cut and dry, but one juror, played by Henry Fonda, demonstrates that the truth might not be so obvious.

12 Angry Men shows why film worked as a viable medium for telling stories. It relies purely on drama -- just 12 people in a room arguing; nothing else. I found myself wrapped up in the film, and for an hour or so, all of the other bullshit that normally worries me was completely unimportant. 12 Angry Men was good enough to enagage me like that.

The film depicts the importance of having someone in society who, even in times of high emotion, can step back, and say, "Wait a minute here...."

The vast majority of the films made today can't compete. Here, we simply have 12 average, balding shlubs talking about something...and it's great drama.

5 out of 5.


A truly terrible attempt by The Monkees to go psychedelic after their TV show was cancelled. This film was written by none other than Jack Nicholson, who obviously was blown out on LSD while putting this one down on paper. NO plot to speak of, and not worth watching...unless you find The Monkees interesting.

1 out of 5.

Black Christmas....

A psycho killer murders members of a sorority.

Boring as hell, and pointless. Not even scary.

1 out of 5.
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