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Originally Posted by Jacoby View Post
I've seen lots of film since my last post. Been on a real Woody Allen kick. He's the man. But yeah, seen lots of good, and a few stinkers.

Some great ones:

Children of Men
Love and Death
Far Side of the Moon
28 Days Later
Little Miss Sunshine

and a few more, but those are the only ones I can think of this second.

I am getting a 30" LCD tv and a HD DVD player for my Xbox 360, so my movie watching should have a nice boost to it. Can't wait to own Fountain and Children of Men on HD DVD.
How is Hollywoodland? Any good?

Funny you should mention HD DVD, I just saw a promo or trailer or whatever it's called for movies available on HD DVD -- about the only thing that impressed me was being able to bring up the menu and its selections without ever leaving the movie. Now that was cool.
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