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Originally Posted by Elijahfan
i love halo but i dont have the PC version. seen it on my brothers computer, love the maps and weapons. i have halo for the xbox, in fact my brother and i have each our own xboxs, spent all my holiday money on it. sad really but love that game. campaign is the most enjoyable for me, even though everyone loves multiplier. my cousin wins every single time we play without even trying to beat us.

i've always wondered what other people's names are on it. my brother makes but weird names like, Ass, and SuckMyAss. my cousin's name is frothy, and mine is GOD.
xbox is a good system to own. gaphics wise. to bad I can't say the same thing about their library however, i mean don't get me wrong I love Halo and im all psyched for Halo 2

but IMO the library seems a little thin

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