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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice View Post
This thread is insipired my an msn rant i had at Mandy this morning, it's a thread to vent your frustrations at your boss/teacher/superior giving reasons as to why they've pissed you off latley.

I shall go first;
I've never had a day off work sick,
I've hardly taken any of my holiday (cept a couple of days for the OMGWTFKKWBBQ) because every time I try he makes some excuse as to why we are too busy,
I've never been late for work (cept one day that the traffic was appauling, but I worked the time back again),
So today, I feel like shite, and my mum convinces me to call in sick, so I do,
and he basically says, its only an xmas bug, come in anyway,
He is refusing to give me a day of sick,
He's making me walk in, in the cold and wet, for an hour,
To do a nine hour shift, on my own essentially,
then to walk home again for an hour....
Sucks to be you.
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