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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice View Post
i do not appreciate getting up at 6am in order to walk for an hour to get to work to do the sodding banking.
You're complaining about getting up at 6!?

*Starts Shuddering*

Last week just before new years I worked from 6 till 4 (having to get up at 4:30) and when I finally got home all I wanted to do was sleep and then my manager called me and told me a load of January advertising had been delivered after I left and that I would have to come in for 5 the next day in order to get it all out before we opened at 9. I got up at 3.30 got to work just as another van load of advertising came in that had been missed the previous night. I didn't get back home till about 4.30!

I hate my job.
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