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Originally Posted by ChocolateMoose View Post
I don't think Orlando can act that well, poor bloke. In LOTR his only facial expression was a look of concern, and (did anyone else notice) every line he said was stating the obvious...for example...

"They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" - where else would they go?
"You look terrible" (to Aragorn) - we can see that, he's just been down a cliff
"A diversion" - when Aragorn had basically fully discribed what a 'diversion' is
"This forest is old" - big trees = old wood, weeny tress = young wood, therefore, we know!
"The Ring must be destroyed" - um...duh!
"We must go. We cannot linger" - When in potential mortal danger....yes, that would be a good idea...
"The horses are restless...and the men are quiet." - I'm sure Eomer has eyes and ears and can see/hear for himself, lol.
well you can't bash him for the lines
he has to say,it's not like he wrote them.

and i agree though he has the same facial expression alot,he's not a great actor in my opinion...
people i think make a fuss over him because he happens to be good looking

but he sorta made pirates a little better, i cant really imagine another will turner.
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