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Originally Posted by barrington View Post
So here we go - Girls - What Don't You Like on Guys?
I don't like it when guys aren't able to handle and tell the truth. I'm addicted to truth and confrontation, if I have a partner I need him to just tell me things as they are, because I can't work with untruths. They don't work and they don't help.

I also don't like guys who pretend to be better than they are. If he's gonna look at and drool over other women, just tell me - I get it, really, don't pretend you're Mr. Chastity. If you like going out with your friends, don't apologize, don't make up excuses - it's human. I just like a man to be a real man and be honest and independent. If I want a lapdog I'll get myself one, if I want someone to say what I'd want them to I'd get a parrot.

But that's just me
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