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Using AG_UnitFrames, Clearfont, scrolling combat text, elkbuffbar, mobinfo2 and bongos action bars. Waiting for discord to be fixed for 2.0.

For the minimap you will need DetachedMinibuttons and simpleminimap.

If you have started raiding try a mod called Grid, makes your raid window much easier to control and use. I dont currently have CTMod installed but I'll throw it on for Sunday's MC raid.

What do you think of the patch changes for warlocks? We had a T3 lock in EPL the other night who repeatedly wiped the floor with 3-4 MC-geared horde on his own. I might use my free respec on my warlock to spec demonology but I'll miss my affliction buffs

The changes for priests are great, 15% less mana usage on shadow spells (great for levelling). And since I am still levelling mine, I'm happy :P
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