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hope you're doing okay
i think an interesting personality and a sense of humour are very important, i cant stand boring people or people who have nothing to talk about. someone you can have fun with and who you feel comfortable with all the time. and obviously a nice guy who is caring and all that.. as for looks, (i dont know what to say without sounding shallow) but looks are important to a certain degree - certainly not the most important thing though.
my boyfriend at the moment - well we're on and off, i dont know what's happening. he's a great guy and i really like him, but something doesnt feel right, i dont know what it is.. we have a strage relationship, i cant describe it. (this is making no sense)
i'd say he 'meets my expectations'.. he's everything i could want in a guy and i can see myself with him for a long time, we just need to sort some things out first.
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