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I play a 60 rogue on Jubei-Thos. Oceanic.
And ye its prettey damn addictive since thats my 3rd 60 character o.0

Many people say WoW is extremely boring , but thats because theyve only explored the tip of the iceberg. Its actually not that bad once you start raiding, skills wise. The chances are u'll find it very challanging.

Strangely if ure wondering why start a WoW thread on KKW forums and not WoW forums its because all the WoW forums seem to hav the same thing.
They usually start with @playername and ironically enough it follows on to say omg You fail at wow. oh and alot of "overpowered" threads too.

Its strange that people refer to the word overpowered when the game never meant to be balanced in pvp. In my opinion less QQ and more Pew Pew.

Why play WoW? becuase u can sell ure account for $1000 to some random when ure done.

p.s- Locks arnt overpowered. theyve jus got the i-win button.
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