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Originally Posted by runangl View Post
yep. but luckily at home it doesn't cost a buck to just do one load. it's way cheaper. still costs money, but way cheaper.

the worst part about waiting so long to wash your clothes: folding.

you come up with faster ways fairly quickly, if you know what i mean
That's why you find a laundromat staffed by little old ladies. When I lived in Tuscaloosa, I found a place that would wash, dry and fold (and hang if you brought hangers) for fifty cents a pound. It was awesome. I could get a week's laundry done for less than ten bucks, and I didn't have to buy soap, round up quarters, hang around the laundromat or fold anything. It was usually around seven or eight bucks, and at $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry (if you were lucky) I was probably coming out cheaper.

One of my roommates was a real mama's boy. She would send him a "care package" every week, and they almost always had clothes in them. He literally had clothes piled everywhere. Anyway, when we were moving out of this house, he gets the bright idea to take everything to the laundromat and have them wash it so it would be out of his way.

Cost him $150.00.
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