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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Alrighty...I've been to a fair few schools in my time And it's quite a mix.

First off: State school (free...that's public for you Americans)...left due to getting into too many fights

Second off: State again...left because the Deputy Head was a cock. Was late once and made to report to him...after that I arrived 10 minutes early to report to him and the prick'd arrive late and then claim I was late Head stuck up for him so my mum told him to fuck his school (almost a direct quote that) and I left.

Third: Back to the first school for a bit before...

Fourth: Private School (yeah, it was called a private school...bloody Americans invading our language )...was alright I spose...good education and into a fight with the principal's grandson which was cool.

Fifth: Took entrance exams for 5 private schools including two of the best in the country (Haberdashers Aske and Merchant Tailors, for those of you in the UK who know this sort of thing) into all 5...picked one...acted like a prick and my parents pulled me out. shit...largely as my form tutor was an arse and I constantly told him where to shove it.

7th: Lived in India and went to a Private school there...actually comparatively impressive compared to UK education...Maths and Sciences were far advanced (at 13 I was doing stuff I then did again at GCSEs when I came back)...even English wasn't that bad.

8th: State again...same school as 6th...much better this form...still had issues...stayed for 6th form and finally settled down into a proper school life.

After that LONG story...foot in both camps is probably best, but I think Baz's experiences are far better than mine...moving schools a lot is NOT good...but yah...private til you're 11 and then state seems the way to go...state school certainly teaches you a little more world smarts.
You were a delinquent? Well you learn something new everyday. I most certainly hope you learned your lesson. :icon_err:
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